Matt Wood and His First Deer

Game Hauler Used as Deer Drag

Matt Wood With His First Deer!

Sep 15, 2012 – Eastern Sierras, California

Wow! My first deer ever, and what a beaut! Taking down this 160 pound 4×3 mule deer was really exciting. However, facing an uphill 200 yard drag at a 9,000 elevation, I’m sure glad we packed The Game Hauler. As a matter of fact, once my adrenaline wore off, I told my dad, John, to bust out his Game Hauler, and we both hauled that bad boy up the mountain.

Dragging Deer with Game Hauler

Matt Hauls His First Buck

Game Hauler | Deer Drag

Matt with Proud Father, John

Dragging Buck Game Hauler

Close-up of The Game Hauler

Hunting with Game Hauler

Hard to Beat this Hunting Trip!