The Game Hauler…the Must-Have Hunting Accessory!


Wild Game Hauler

Stop Draggin’ and Start Haulin’!


Once the adrenaline of shooting your trophy buck wears off, the reality of hauling your kill up a steep hill and out of the woods sets in. For easier hauling of all types of game, use The Game Hauler to make your hunting experience even more enjoyable. Use multiple straps and save your energy for telling stories back at the lodge. It’s compact and lightweight, and fits right in your pocket!



The World's Most Comfortable Handle!

Super Comfortable Handle!

The Game Hauler Features


  • 1″ polyester nylon strap
  • 5” continuous loop
  • Weighs only 6.4 oz.
  • Flexible & durable rubber handle
  • Multi-purpose design
  • 1,500 lb. breaking strength
  • Available in 7 colors & patterns
  • Lifetime warranty


…and it’s only $19.95!


The Game Hauler is the Multi-Purpose Accessory. Use it All Year Long!


Jim Clemons with Firewood

Use to Haul Firewood!


The Game Hauler can also be used to haul firewood, small trees, and yard trimmings! Our customers are finding more and more ways to use our multi-purpose product every day! Check out our videos and photos to see how other customers are using The Game Hauler!

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The Game Hauler

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